2021 Early Childhood Summer Program Enrollment Form (1)

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Join us for a summer filled with fun and learning during Bellevue Montessori’s 2021 Summer Program. This summer, your child will explore the geography, cultures, food, and biomes from across the globe through fun, hands-on activities. In addition, your child can begin or continue working in a Montessori environment with our Montessori trained staff. This year, we are offering three sessions starting Monday, June 14th. This program is open only to current students or students enrolled for the school year 2021-2022 Early Childhood/Kindergarten Program. Students must be turning 3 by November 1, 2021 and independently using the bathroom to be eligible for the summer program. Spaces are limited.

    After a year of staying home, this summer we will be exploring the world by "traveling" to different countries and studying the land, culture, food, and biomes and the animals that inhabit these special habitats.  

    Session I: Geography!    This session, students will learn about land and water forms that can be found on the earth.  As they settle into their new summer classrooms, students will learn about the many islands of the world and the people that live there.   In the afternoon, we will focus on our session topic while each morning, we will be enjoying a Montessori work period under the direction of a Montessori Trained Teacher.  

    Session II: Food and Cultures of the World!  During the afternoons of our second session, children will learn about different cultures of the world and enjoy some of the foods from these far away places.  Each morning, your child will enjoy a Montessori work period under the direction of a Montessori Trained Teacher. 

    Session III: Biomes!  In our last session, our students will learn about the many biomes of the world and the animals that live there.  Deserts, rain forests, savannahs and wetlands are a few of the biomes that your child will learn about during our third session. Once again, we will focus our session study in the afternoon while maintaining a Montessori work period each morning.

    All prices are for one -  three week session.

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    Children must be turning three by November 1, 2021 to enroll in the Bellevue Montessori Summer Program.

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    1.   Registration at Bellevue Montessori School requires agreement with the philosophy and policies described in the Parent Handbook. By signing this contract, I acknowledge that I have read the parent handbook for the program in which my child is enrolled and agree to and accept the provisions and policies that are contained in it, as well as any revisions that may be adopted after this date. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to request an explanation or clarification for any provision which I do not fully understand. I understand that the school may revise the handbook at any time, and that written notice of revisions will appear in a school newsletter. I agree that I am responsible for reading the newsletter to be aware of any revisions.

    2.   I specifically acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to each of the following (found online at www.bellevuemontessorischool.org):

    -Emergency Response Plan

    -Pesticide Policy (in the Handbook)

    -Health Policy (in the Handbook)

    -Pet Policy (in the Handbook)

    3.   I agree that I will promptly notify Bellevue Montessori School in writing of any changes in the information contained in the application  for enrollment and of any other information required by school policies.

    4.   Bellevue Montessori School charges tuition for the summer with the first session tuition payment submitted by June 1st. Tuition for additional sessions are due by July 1st if a student is attending all three sessions.  The tuition payment obligation remains the same each session regardless of the number of days of school in the month, attendance, vacations, family emergencies, school closure, holidays, student illness, and any other reason that my child does not attend school. School closure days due to weather, power outages, pandemics or other natural disasters are not made up once the session has started.  If an entire 3 week session is cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic before the session begins, there would be no obligation for payment of tuition for that session.

    5.   There is no sibling discount for the summer session.  There is no discount for paying the full summer tuition upon enrolling.

    6.  I understand that my child must be fully independent at using the bathroom before attending Bellevue Montessori School. 

    7.   I agree to pay the tuition for the first session my child will attend by June 1st.  Tuition for additional sessions is due by July 1st.  I will pay a $20.00 late fee if my tuition payment is received after my child begins the summer program, a $30.00 handling fee for any declined payment and interest on past due balances at the rate of 1.5% per month.

    8.   An authorized adult will pick up the student from school each day in accordance with School policy. I agree to pay charges for Activity Club or the applicable Late Pickup Charge fee (for late pickup from Activity Club) if my student is not picked up on time.

    9.  Bellevue Montessori School reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to revoke enrollment at any time (before or after the beginning of classes) when it deems it necessary. In the event admission is revoked, Bellevue Montessori School reserves the right to determine whether any portion of the tuition deposits will be refunded.

    10.  In the event an attorney is employed to collect any amount due hereunder, I agree to pay all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Bellevue Montessori School for the collection of the amount due.

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    Your deposit is your child's first session tuition payment for the Bellevue Montessori School Summer Program.  If your child is attending the first session, your tuition deposit must be paid by June 1st, 2021.  Subsequent session payments will be due on July 1st. Space if limited and enrollment is based on a first come, first serve basis.